I taught myself website coding in 2004 in order to create a site for the band I was part of (and still play with). Around the same time, concepts such as WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and Shopify were taking their first steps towards making web design accessible to the masses.

These online website editors are now the tools of my trade. My favourite is Squarespace and most of my sites are built on this platform. I also use offline editors, e.g. Pinegrow, to amend existing websites without migrating them to new hosts. Whichever option I use, knowing how to alter the underlying code has been a valuable asset.

Some examples of my designs are shown below. Have a look at my SiteHelp website for details.

My SiteHelp site, designed in Wix, rebuilt in Squarespace, then Hostinger.

A 'brochure' site for an equine expert, built with Hostinger Website Builder.

Squarespace site for start-up company providing market data and analysis.

Online shop for a local artist and author, also on the Hostinger platform.

Local fabric shop, site designed in Wix Classic and rebuilt in Wix Editor X.

A 'brochure' website for a local artist, built with the free and vary capable Google Sites.

Emulation of Squarespace workshop site, designed in Pinegrow.

Online shop built in Squarespace - a joint effort with the owner.

A 'brochure' website showcasing the works of artists in a local art gallery.

Another Squarespace site for a local business - a joinery workshop.

Band site designed in Pinegrow and rebuilt with Hostinger Website Builder.

This site existed in Zyro, Wix and Google Sites. Now a Pinegrow site.